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Marvin Kaufman

Director, 1983 - 2017

Marvin A. Kaufman served the Foundation exceedingly well for over thirty years as advisor, Director, President, Chairman, and Chairman Emeritus. His generosity of spirit set an example for all those who would engage in private philanthropy. His clear view of the world and of human nature and his sense that philanthropy should be focused, accountable, transparent, and businesslike informed all of the Foundation’s grant-making. He brought that same clarity of judgment and perspective to his role as chief architect of the Foundation’s investment strategy for over two decades. He was a wise and generous colleague and a good and loyal friend who will be missed and remembered by all. 

Morton Bernstein

Director, 1959 - 2009

Mort Bernstein served the Foundation as an officer and director for more than 50 years. As the first President after the death of the founders, Mort designed the Foundation's performing arts program, which today supports over 120 arts organizations in New York City each year. He also led the effort to expand the Foundation's grant-making beyond the arts, an initiatiave that today is represented by the Foundation's Healthy Aging Program. At the time of his death in 2009, he held the title of Chairman Emeritus in recognition of his leadership and contribution to the Foundation's mission. His colleagues remember Mort for the hallmarks of his service: sound judgment, common sense, and great consideration for others.

Carlos Moseley

Director, 1980 - 2005

Carlos Moseley served as an advisor to Mr. and Mrs. Samuels and as a director of the Foundation for more than a quarter century. His thirty years of service to the New York Philharmonic, where he ultimately rose to the position of President, gave him great insight into the workings of the performing arts organizations that the Foundation supports. Those insights and a lifetime of service in the arts shaped the Foundation’s approach to philanthropy and made its grantmaking more effective and responsive to the field. Upon his retirement from the Board of Directors in 2005, he was given the title of Director Emeritus. He died in 2012. 

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