This year, as the performing arts shift back toward pre-Covid production schedules and budgets, the Samuels Foundation will also take steps to restore its traditional grant guidelines during the 2022-23 season.  We will continue to focus on general operating support for not-for-profit dance, music and theatre companies in New York City, while also monitoring local and national field conditions that could affect funding priorities as we move ahead. 


Until FY20, the Foundation’s grantmaking calendar had four possible ‘due dates’ for the submission of applications.  As we move away from the emergency funding programs of FY21 and FY22, in 2022-23 there will be three possible filing dates –


December 1, 2022

March 1, 2023


June 1, 2023. 


During late September 2022, current grantees of the Samuels Performing Arts Department will receive notice by e-mail as to which of those three dates has been assigned for their re-application submission.  Most grantees -- but not all -- will have the same ‘due date’ as in pre-Covid years.  The September 2022 e-mail to current grantees will provide detailed guidelines and application instructions.  We hope that the overall funding process remains simple, linear and transparent.  (Application materials should be delivered electronically in 2022-23, regardless of the assigned ‘due date.’)  The Foundation’s updated guidelines for 2022-23 will also be posted on this website page in September. 


The Performing Arts Department’s budget for 2022-23 continues to be tight.  Grant increases will be unlikely.  For the same reason, very few groups will be added to our grantee roster during 2022-23.  After the Foundation’s 2022-23 guidelines have been released on this page in September, performing arts organizations not currently funded by the Samuels Foundation may send a brief e-mail inquiry to Program Associate Colette Lui at  Even though a successful grant submission is unlikely this year for groups not already on our performing arts roster, we are always interested in learning about additional endeavors that match our priorities.  The Foundation looks forward to a time when we will be able to expand our roster of performing arts grantees in New York City.


As we have said for many years, all of us at Samuels know how hard people in the arts work and how much is sacrificed in pursuit of artistic mission – never more than during the pandemic crisis.  This has been a time of extraordinary challenges for everyone in the field, and the Samuels Foundation respects the intensity of shifting efforts and commitments demanded by each passing week.  Despite the hardship, losses – and successes – ahead, we look forward to seeing our community thrive in future seasons.