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Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Recent Grants Awarded

$200,000  |  Breaking Ground

Brenda Rosen

Pilot Cluster Care Program in a Transitional Housing Setting

This grant will be used to add additional supports to Safe Haven transitional housing that will better serve older adults and those who have challenges with Activities of Daily Living and Instrumental of Activities of Daily Living .


$95,000  |  Center to Advance Palliative Care

Brynn Bowman

The Tipping Point Challenge for New York City

This project will engage New York City organizations and clinicians in gaining new knowledge and skills in the care of older adults with serious illness.


$150,000  |  Citymeals-on-Wheels

Beth Shapiro

Citymeals’ Social Enterprise Non-Perishable Meal Pilot Program

This grant will be used to create a new, sustainable funding model while improving access to ready-to-eat, non-perishable food for older adults in urgent, short-term need of food.



$138,000  |  Cornell University - Weill Medical College

Drs. Makoto Ishii and Harini Sarva

Supportive Care Multidisciplinary Clinic for Patients with Complex Neurodegenerative Diseases

This program will incorporate a supportive care model for older patients with memory and movement disorders..



$150,000  |  Greenwich House

Darren Bloch

Wraparound Workforce Services and Employer Engagement Development for Economically Disadvantaged Older Adults

This program will provide wraparound employment supports to older adults that address barriers to their entry into and in the workforce and ensures that participants will have meaningful opportunities to become or remain employed.



$150,000  |  Heights and Hills

Carrie Bloss

Enhanced Outreach to Caregivers

This grant will fund a social worker to focus on outreach work in the neighborhoods currently underserved by the Caregiver Program.



$105,000  |  MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care

Myra Glajchen

Targeted Promotion of the Educating Social Workers in Palliative and End-of-Life Care (ESPEC) Program

The goal of the proposed project is to improve the palliative care competencies of front-line healthcare social workers.




$170,000  |  NADAP

John A. Darin

Care Coordination for Older Adults in NYCHA Gowanus Brooklyn

This initiative will increase access to care coordinators who, through care management, health literacy education, and practical supports will help those living in public housing improve connection to healthcare services and management of chronic conditions.



$200,000  |  NYP Queens

Cynthia Pan, MD

Improving Palliative Care Through Earlier Goals of Care Conversations and Hospice Referrals

This project will improve patient experience and clinical outcomes by investing in earlier interventions for patients in need of palliative care.



$114,000  |  Project Guardianship

Kimberly George

Guardianship Prevention and Support Helpline

This grant will support a pilot and work to secure permanent government funding for a Guardianship Prevention and Support Helpline.

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